"Love Gifts" lyrics - LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III

"Love Gifts"

I gave my love a cherry and a chicken with no bone
I gave my love a hard time when we were on the phone
I gave my love a fantasy like I'm supposed to do
It turned it to a train wreck, her worst nightmare come true

I gave my love some flowers, my time and energy
You took my finest hours and lots of my money
I gave my love my version, she got my song and dance
Then I maintained my distance to give myself a chance

I gave my love a good time and a proper seeing to
She said she had it coming, but who gave what to who?
I gave my love a black eye, I got back a busted lip
Then I picked up a virus and gave my love the slip

Then I got a new love who I thought was my type
But what I bought and payed for was more of the same hype
I gave my love an excuse and a hangdog look
I got down on my hands and knees 'cause that was what it took

I gave my love a cuddle so she wouldn't get upset
I gave my love a warning - I faxed her a death threat
I gave love a baby, then begged her to abort
Now every month I write my love a check for child support

I gave my love a reason, finally to leave me
I slept with her mother since her sister wan't free
I gave my love my shot, she got all of my good stuff
But I couldn't give my love my love and that's not good enough