"Trailer" lyrics - LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III


I'm in a trailer here on the lawn
Stuck in this trailer singing this song
I'm in a mood, that's what I'm in
While in this trailer, that's where I've been
I'm in a trailer, inside a trailer

I'm wearin' makeup - they dyed my hair
I'm in an outfit I'd never wear
It's just a movie, it's make believe
I'm in a trailer - I just can't leave
I'm in a trailer, stuck in a trailer

I'm in a trailer, I can't complain
At least I got one case it rains
That honeywagon is just a hole
But this two banker keeps out the cold
Warm in a trailer, dry in a trailer

Got runnin' water and a sink to shave in
I got a TV and I'm microwavin'
With all this waitin' you need some perks
I got a toilet and it kinda works
Inside my trailer (trailer)
I'm in a trailer (trailer)

I'm in a trailer, out of my mind
I'm in a trailer, I'm just killin' time
They spend a fortune makin' this flick
It's my time and their money and it's makin' me sick
Inside a trailer - I'm sick of this trailer

Some man is comin' - I got a hunch
It's almost five-thirty - they just called lunch
Escape the trailer, offer upon your plate
I'm in a movie and let's gain some weight
Inside a trailer - big as a trailer

Hey wait a minute - I hear a knock
They tell me get up - that's such a shock
I gotta go now, it's time to act
For a few minutes and then I'll be back
Back inside this trailer - stuck in a trailer
Life in a trailer
I'm in a trailer