"Philadelphia Lawyer" lyrics - LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III

"Philadelphia Lawyer"
feat. George Gerdes

Way out in Reno, Nevada
Where romances blooms and fades
Lived a Philadelphia lawyer
In love with a Hollywood maid

Come, love, and we will wander
Out where the lights are so bright
I'll win you a divorce from your husband
And we can get married tonight

Now Bill was a gun totin' cowboy
Six notches carved on a gun
And all of the boys around Reno
Left Bill's Hollywood darlin' alone

One night when Bill was returnin'
From out on the range in the cold
He thought of his Hollywood darling
Her love was as lasting as gold

At night as he crept up to her window
He saw two figures there on the shade
It was the great Philadelphia lawyer
Makin' love to Bill's Hollywood maid

Your hair is so pretty and lovely
Your figure's so fair and divine
Come back with me to Philadelphia
And leave this wild cowboy behind

Now tonight back in old Pennsylvania
Beneath those beautiful pines
There's one less Philadelphia lawyer
In old Philadelphia tonight