"Rambunctious" lyrics - LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III


Waiting' on line at the bank the other day
Hey, trying' to lay a hand on my money
Lunch time, long line, 'bout midday
Ten windows, two tellers-not funny

Checking, savings, withdrawal, deposit
Hey I'm tryin' a find a pen that functions
Please, Mister Officer, initial this check
Or I might get rambunctious

Sittin' around the house watching HBO
On the TV with the a/c on
Not doin' a lot 'cause it's sweltering hot
Because there's a heat wave goin' on

We blew a fuse and got the brownout blues
Meeting ice cream ain't so scrumptious
Yeah, I was hot, I was mad-you know my mood it was bad
I was a tad rambunctious



Stuck behind the wheel on the LIE -
There is no way that this is an expressway
Starting and stopping, and it kept popping
Rush hour got the power wrecking my day

Bumper to bumper I'm draggin' my muffler
Carbon monoxide mighty unctuous
Hey, don't honk that horn at me, dipstick
Or I might get rambunctious

Hey, rambunctious