"It Ain't Gaza" lyrics - LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III

"It Ain't Gaza"

I woke up and I felt so bad
We had the worst fight that we ever had last night
Both of us had too much to drink
Feels like we're right on the brink

But it ain't Gaza
No, it ain't Gaza
It's not as bad as Gaza
Or the Ukraine

I'm down to my last red cent
Can't pay for groceries, a doctor, my rent
It is impossible to find a job out there
Gonna have to beg, borrow, or rob somebody

But it's not cancer
No, it ain't cancer
It's not terminal cancer
Or Ebola

It's still serious in Syria
And dangerous in Nigeria
Sarajevo made me so sad
And Baghdad it's still as it ever was
Bad as it ever was

The ocean is a cesspool
The President's a reckless fool
Tsunami, hurricane, typhoon
An another earthquake is gonna hit soon
The world is about to implode
Don't forget to lock and load

But it's not your mother
And it ain't Big Brother
Or your kid in college
Or paying' for college
Or havin' to apologize
Forgive and apologize

And it ain't ISIS
It ain't ISIL
Which on is it?
But it's not Gaza
No it ain't Gaza
It's not even close