"1994" lyrics - QUASIMOTO

(Otis Jackson, Jr.)

Let me take you on a Quasimoto rhyme ride
Saturday night, puffin herb, got the vibe
8 miles high, got your imagination
At a fragmentary state, Lord Quas the great for God sakes
If you're lookin' for some beats you gotta see my man Madlib, heh
Enter in the palace, we roll wide like a chalice
Tascam villains, gonna hurt your feelin's
If you're stompin' with that wack then we must highjack
Keep the rap real with the Raw Addict format (you know it's like that)

All up in this shit it's Madlib the Bad Kid
Droppin' high shit in fashion in the lab again
Here, droppin' raw heat, the raw shit, that "Aw shit!", the Quick Draw Mcgraw shit
Steppin' in the right direction for selection
Perfection, get in you like a musical injection
On some shit like we in 1994, with the high-top fades and the beats were mighty raw

I speak no evil, hear no evil
Seek no evil, have no fear
It's a 388 waitin' for your departure
The last time I got you fought you tried to make the escape
You're only out for the papes, disrespectin' those who paved the way (What? Aye...)
Think you better parlay

Find another way

While I light another jay

Ill mathematic static, slick rappers I let 'em have it
While I bust a rhythmatic (Barrez vous)
Dig the crates, make the papes, shake, annihilate your fate
Didn't even know you blew your face with hate
When y'all on the mic, you can tell that y'all some suckas
Duck this, cuz I'll I see you do is butt kiss smooch

Better than ever so we go for the gold


You out cold (Doop)

While the story unfold

So prepare your mind for my lifeline...
Some MCs act bold and arrogant
Vain and using each other to compete with
These subjects I pity
'Cause their rhymes are not witty like mine