"Civilization Day" lyrics - QUASIMOTO

"Civilization Day"
(Otis Jackson, Jr.)

I woke around this morning at 7:30 thirty
Head hurtin and my stomach felt funny funny
Then all of a sudden a hand came out the sky
Locusts swarming around
Many begin to die
Shitty smell run across the whole city
Nuclear toxic now we won't feel no pity
Many die from e-bola
Many from AIDS
Mexicans, whities, Japanese, and Spades
Indian, Iranian, and all them others
Bout to find out for self
We got to fend
See which side of the game is over there

Well is this it, the end of civilization
Are we prepared? Well I hope so
Here's the official stolen government training film
Of the secret plan to deal with an alien uprising

Today you have to stay on your toes
When you're walkin the streets and stalkin the sheets stay on the low
Go to the wrong territory and get blown, blown
Some brotha's ain't even knowing, knowing
Revelations are is on it's way like ya next spliffs
So get your mental uplift while we shootin the gift
Black magic chants
Mass eat per cold clams
Be on the sky take a glare
Look around wonder why
We must be born to die
We must be born to die