"The Clown (Episode C)" lyrics - QUASIMOTO

"The Clown (Episode C)"
(Otis Jackson, Jr.)

[Verse: Quasimoto + Madlib]
Lord Quas I'll rock your body like I'm stonin' you
I'm payin' off these cops while I'm cookin' up my donut stew
A young mod but an old soul too
Like Mr. X and Mr. Z we drink that old gold too
My flow is similar to cool whip Tabasco
I smack you up with some bull whips and lassos
Hangin in a space jungle like Ornette Coleman
Till we old men
Peace to Pete Rock the soul man
Peace to Madlib for this hot buttered soul track
Take it back-like a 69 with a soul flap
Pretty, sneaky sis
She takes photos with the twin
Pretty freaky, sis
Civilized flavor from one of your favorite neighbors
Quasimoto crew
New capers, new papers
Loud static I'm down with the raw addict
Down with the raw addict

[Outro: Samples]