"The Exclusive" lyrics - QUASIMOTO

"The Exclusive"
(Otis Jackson, Jr.)
feat. M.E.D.

Na, I'm just sayin' though, man
It's some real shit, scroll music, you know?
So Imma be on some real issues with you all tonight, man
(One Love)
For all my people
Uh, look!

[Verse I]
You never know a good thing till it's gone
See my acknowledge when it's too late to hold on
I lost girls and homies to things so small
Without egos involved it's all (one love)
Believe nothing comes between (one love)
We used to share the same dream same schemes
When I awoke to hear the work for the team
What you did
I pray you wouldn't be where you've been at

My niggas in the pen still (one love)
To my mother crying over bills (one love)
To the brothers in all streets killed (one love)
I shed tears for my loved ones (one love)

[Verse II]
I do years for my loved ones
Trust 'em when bucks come
I help you up, don't play dumb
And my reaction when I heard you found a new life
To leave drugs for Christ
Wouldn't feel more right
[?] kept the family together
With memories she gonna last forever
That's (one love)
It won't take a kiss or a hug
Not even words can express this love
My people I got
One Love

My peeps
My niggas in the streets
My folks
My niggas in the pen
To my niggas gone
Till we meet again
You know
(One love)

Sometimes, you gotta hold on to your real folks
Through the thick and thin, ya know
As the liqour pours
Friends change
The world spins
Niggas hate
Do ya thing