"Main Girl" lyrics - QUASIMOTO

"Main Girl"
(Otis Jackson, Jr.)
feat. Madlib

[Verse I: Quasimoto & Madlib]
My main girl, she always cook me up some food
My booty call back, she all sassy and rude (whatever)
My third hot momma always shake it like a salt shaker
The fourth hot mommy got a body like, "Oh Lordy"
We get around each other and just want to have sex all day
My third world girl, she come off like a carnival party
Drinking with Lisa, smoking bud with Karin
My eighth lady's like Buffalo Gal like Malcom McClarin


My girl
My girl, my girl
Main girl, my
My main girl, my girl
My girl, my main girl
Girl, girl, girl

Madlib (What?)
Where's Quasi? I know you know where he's at!
So where is he? (Come on now) I know you two get together!
Where is he? Are you two hiding girls in thee? (C-Come on)
Where'd he go last night? Was he with you?
I'm tired of his shit! You tell him, just forget it!
Here, he doesn't deserve me!

[Verse II: Quasimoto & Madlib]
My nine is a dime, I sip her down with lime
My tenth gets bent and like a hill I climb (hill I climb)
Rwanda my baby momma, she's sippin' on hen (sippin' on hen)
So I'm paying for child support, but she spent like half of it on gin
Jennifer is my dog, homie, lover and friend
Number thirteen, shit, know we gonna win
Alana make you sing like Keith Sweat, "I wanna"
Dian, Terry, Jerald, Dean, Ana and Donna
Lucky twenty she's my honey 'cause she got a lot of money
But she ain't no dummy when it comes to taking care of her dunny
Astro black, I take the one with all backs
But my favorite lady comes in all green and clear sacks (oh)
Quasimoto crew