"Raw Addict Pt. 2" lyrics - QUASIMOTO

"Raw Addict Pt. 2"
(Otis Jackson, Jr.)
feat. Madlib

[Verse 1: Madlib + Quasimoto]
If I could I'd buy records everyday of the week
But then I' have no money for when I'm with my freak
Fuckin' with these records, I ain't never goin to sleep
But that's how it is when you're into this sh-
(Want this?)
Paying 60 dollars for a simple drum lick
(What about your beats?)
Spending two hours looking for a certain kick, man

[Interlude: Madlib]
I ain't about to buy a beat, man, I can't even find
A damn disk, man, to sell it, man-what the fuck?

[Verse 2: Madlib]
I make beats everyday of the week
I used to listen to the "Sound of the Zeekers," hey (Rock & roll)
Now I'm over here and I'm smashing your speakers
Boss 303, SP 1200
MPC 4000, do my loop dumpin'-numbin'

[Interlude: Sample]
"You know how it goes"

[Verse 3: Madlib + Quasimoto + Sample]
Really, really? Y'all know how it goes
Music taking over your body
Beats taking over your soul, I be passing up parties
Parties, but never passin' up bowls (Pass me that weed)
Psychedelic record covers, (Jazz) standards
Funk, soul, (classic rock), electronic patterns (Indian)
Yo, it's the raw addict-my ears take comfort
Over ill record static, oh, oh, oh ("Addict")
Ya'll better scram like I'm Broadway Sam
("Well, I'll say") (Damn) don't curse me-it's god's way, man
The ill Loop Digga-catch me in your record place
Let a nigga dig; give a pound; respect the bass