"Greenery" lyrics - QUASIMOTO

(Otis Jackson, Jr.)

[Intro: Madlib]
Can I buy them tree's, you got the tree's homie?
You got any of that killah?
Ay let me get that purple too, that purple
Man Willy don't stop tripping', I ain't got no change
(Come on prayer, please)

[Verse 1: Quasimoto]
Smoking on these trees at a hundred degrees
Never touch the breeze, just the sticky green leaves

(Put it in the dutch, it gets stuck on yo touch)

Pack it in the bong, last long, have you on crutch

Light it up, roll it
(Pass it around)
The scientists have found, check the rail compound

(Well if you look over here)
Yeah, I would like that glass bong
That big blue glass one, that $200 one, right there
(I can't see it, you have the money for it?)
Right there to the left!
(Okay, cash only)

[Sample: 1]
Hey man, try some of this
It's absolute dynamite
(Oh yeah)

(Grass, want it?)
That's one small toke for man, and a giant toke for man-kind!

[Verse 2: Quasimoto] (Madlib)
(My man with the rasta got the best green pasta
Tree trunk buds (but that good shit'll cost ya!))

Anyway, gimme an ounce of that shit
I'll half that shit with Madlib
We could bounce to that shit (Oh, let's make some cookies)
Make a batch of cookies
Make ya feel like a rookie
Make you eat a lot, maybe go get some nookie

(High powered shit so we can do our Astro Travellin)

Around the world, on a smoke tour, dabbling
Amongst the best weed, Amsterdam and Humboldt seeds
Weeds weeds weeds, is what we all needs needs

(Light it up)
Roll it
(Pass it around)
The scientists have found, check the rail compound

[Sample: 2]
The first sensations may be found instantly after having smoked some grass or an hour after having eaten it
Usually you creep slowly in a stoned condition, inch by inch, sliding upward
If you've eaten it, the effects may come upon you suddenly and strike you full force in the mid-dle of a, word

[Sample: 3]
Everyone finds that they're more creative stoned, than straight
All of us are latent Michelangelo's or Caruso's or Da Vinci's, and think we can paint or sing or write, if only we tried hard enough