"Another Demo Tape" lyrics - QUASIMOTO

"Another Demo Tape"
(Otis Jackson, Jr.)

Everywhere I go I always end up with a pocket full CD demo tapes after clubs at my shows even though I sit back and listen to em with an open mind I find that not even one of them I can press rewind

(Child you really work too hard...every time I see you your're diggin and diggin and last season you didn't do to well)

Even niggas in limos passin' out they demos, claimin' that they shits like mine, so we do the 6 demo test and roll it out by the time we pass the third song we throw it out

(Get that shit outta here)
(Maybe if you let it grow naturally you'll accomplish much more dear)

Time and time again I hear the same story
(Let me tell you have it's done child)
But when I pop it in me and Dilla just laugh do the math
(If you work all day and your heart ain't in it so why get up and get all mixed up in it 'cause all you're work will be in vain or is life a losing game you only reap just what you saw)